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Science Field Trip

The Adventure Begins

The University of Western Sydney has thousands of students and academic staff who frequently go out into the world on field trips to learn and discover.  This blog will take you there as students experience the joys and challenges of taking their education out of the lab and lecture theatre.  Sometimes the expeditions are to exotic locations around Australia and the world, other times it might be a field trip no further than a back paddock on one of the campuses.  Joining them are academic staff who provide advice and guidance but who also conduct field research.

The first team of students and staff to report from the field will be from the UWS School of Natural Sciences.

This weekend Dr Sebastian Holmes and Dr Jason Reynolds will be taking students on board the Marine National Facility’s vessel, RV Southern Surveyor, on a 10 day voyage from Hobart to Fremantle.

They will be blogging from the wild Southern Ocean.  It could be a rough trip but the experience of a lifetime.


About UWS Field Expeditions

The University of Western Sydney has 40,000 students and 5,000 staff at six campus across Greater Western Sydney. From time to time UWS academic staff and students take their studies out into the field on expeditions of learning and discovery. Join them here...


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