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The secret to success at sea…good food

Dr Jason Reynolds, a lecturer in the UWS School of Natural Sciences, blogs from the Southern Surveyor on Day 4 of the voyage from Hobart to Fremantle.

Tuesday 17 August 2011, 21:31hrs

Today is a transit day. We are travelling (or ‘steaming’ to use the correct nautical term) from Station 1 (Warrnambool) to Station 2 (Port Lincoln). We will steam all day and all night to arrive at our destination in good time. Everyone is fine, even Tiffany ‘Ironguts’ Cole has settled into a rhythm of only being sea-sick between meals – usually when there is work to be done.

As this is a lay day, I thought I would provide an overview on two important aspects to research on a vessel:

A selection of the desserts on board the Southern Surveyor prepared for Seb 'What's for dessert' Holmes.

The first has to with food.

There is no better feeling after a hard day than a full belly. And we are very lucky here on the Southern Surveyor as there is no end to the delicacies served. Seb ‘What’s for lunch’ Holmes always checks the quality of food served at every meal and runs routine inspections of the fridges and food storage areas. He is very diligent in checking that meals are served on time and that portion sizes are sufficient.

Well done Seb!

A second important aspect is the rostering of the EM300 Swath Mapper.

The EM300 Swath Mapping computer interface

The Swath is a tool used to map the topography of the ocean floor with great accuracy. Part of the efforts of our trip is devoted to Swath Mapping and everyone is rostered a time to supervise its operation. Of course, the Swath Mapper runs 24 hours a day which means we have late night (12pm to 3am) and early morning (3am to 6am) shifts. Seb ‘What’s for dinner’ Holmes and I have been taking these graveyard shifts and after 4 days I am tired and Seb is hungry.

Taste the rainbow,


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One thought on “The secret to success at sea…good food

  1. Happy sailing! Food Science for you next Seb? :0)

    Posted by Maria Pagnan | August 17, 2011, 4:18 pm

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