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Science Field Trip

Day 5: The weather turns but the science must go on

UWS School of Natural Sciences student, Antony Gould, manages to put fingers to keyboard while being tossed about on the RV Southern Surveyor as she pushes her way through heavy seas enroute to Fremantle.

Wednesday 17 August 2011, 17:05hrs

An albatross escaping the licentious clutches of the Love Bight otherwise known as the Southern Bight

As we steamed on through the area affectionately known as the Southern Bight, the area did not fail to show lots of love. It has been blowing us 40 knot kisses and giving us plenty of 6-plus metre high cuddles of water.

The ship is rolling and pitching, yawing and twisting in an endless wonderful embrace in the bountiful bosom of the Southern Ocean.


Several members of the crew have been so overcome that they have been forced to assume the foetal position in the swath room.


Nevertheless, although the Bight’s bite was severe, forcing numerous crew members to embrace the nearest piece of porcelain, there were important tasks to complete.  A time of 1400hrs was scheduled between the ship and its mistress, Science, at 500m depth off Port Lincoln.

Deploying the CPR

The ship arrived on time and the epibenthic sled was the first piece of gear to be deployed. Next was the EZ net, for investigating plankton communities along with neuston nets, followed by the CTD and then three Smith-McIntyre grab samples. The last task of the day was to deploy the CPR (continuous plankton recorder) before steaming off into the roller coaster depths of the Bight.


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