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More bad weather forces most of the crew on the RV Southern Surveyor indoors, again

Day 6 and the continuing bad weather is conspiring to curb the scientific activity on board the RV Southern Surveyor, but Blaise ‘who thanks the English for hot Ribenna’ Bratter from UNSW uses the imposed free time to watch movies and write this blog.

Thursday 18 August 2011, 20:03hrs

The seas are still high and tumultuous, and although I am yet to surrender to sea-sickness, headaches and general ‘bad-feelingness’ have rendered me quite incapable of doing much apart from camping out in the TV room and assess the hundreds of movies available for viewing.

After a quick visit to the mess in an attempt for lunch, I launched myself into a bean bag and will remained until the late hours of the night enjoying movies such as ‘Shoot Em Up’, ‘Layer Cake’, ‘Planet of the Apes’, ‘Day After Tomorrow’, ‘Wilfred’ and more I forget. I was joined by most of the scientific crew, except those still in the foetal position in the ops room, along with several of the engineers and boat crew.

I am told that a Neuston Net deployment did occur today, although I personally cannot confirm this. Julia is also still doing her daily visual transects from the bridge, searching for any trash floating past the ship.

We are now, after cancelling station 3 due to time constraints, steaming towards station 4 – Esperance, due to arrive late on Friday.

However, I am told that due to our current slow speed (7 knots I think instead of the usual 10) we may have to cancel all stations and may still arrive in Fremantle late, oh no more bad movies!


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