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Science Field Trip

RV Southern Surveyor crew captures spectacular sunrise in Australian Bight

Day 10’s blog entry provided by Trevor ‘It’s not even strawberry-blonde’ Goodwin.

Tuesday 22 August 2011, 22:22hrs

Today I managed to start my (quasi) 12hr shift on time. This meant that I could squeeze more movies into my day as I would have the work done sooner.  Unfortunately, due to staying up late the previous night watching movies, I was not operating at my usual swiftness.

My workload consisted of electrical repairs to a wire-out counter, dropping a few XBTs, and prepping the EZNet with Matt for today’s station. The work was completed mid-afternoon, allowing me to join Blaise and his terrible movies.

The Augusta station was abandoned due to rough weather and time constraints – we were slowed by the rough weather and pushed behind schedule.This provided yet more movie time.

I have watched more movies in the last 10 days than I have all year. They are starting to blend into one big action-drama-comedy-horror-romance-movie for me.

We also played a quick game of poker, in which Seb and Jason gave all their money to Antony within minutes, leaving Mailie, Johno (P&O), and myself to salivate over his towering pile of chips. The game ended in a vicious battle between Antony and myself in which Antony won (just).

The hunt for Julia’s samples-infiltrator continues. I was the first to be accused, in fact the evidence pointing towards me appears well-grounded. My absence during the Huesten net deployments would seem suspicious, and my alibi cannot be proven. I fear that I have been set-up by someone who knows how to set someone up. Someone who might read Agatha Christie, someone who’s name possibly contains a ‘v’. I am sure that our true saboteur will be uncovered in due course.

On board the RV Southern Surveyor: Sunrise in the Great Australian Bight.


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