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Calm returns to the sea and stomachs for those on board the RV Southern Surveyor

UWS student, Tiffany Cole, reports from calmer seas on Day 8 of the voyage from Hobart to Fremantle. 21 August 2011, 15:37hrs After the craziness of a week’s worth of vomit and a close encounter with a line of squall, we emerged from our cabins this morning to find a beautiful, cloudless skyline atop a … Continue reading

Day three at sea: Critters, mud and sampling

Day 3 on the RV Southern Surveyor.  This blog by Luana ‘I love macrofaunal isopods in the mud’ Lins from The University of Sydney. She says her real full name is almost as long as the nickname her crew mates have given her.  Monday 15 August 2011, 20:35hrs The third day onboard Southern Surveyor begun … Continue reading

Setting sail on the Southern Ocean voyage of discovery

Chief Scientist on the RV Southern Surveyor voyage from Hobart to Fremantle is Dr Sebastian Holmes from UWS – an accomplished scientist and a part-time comedian.  Here’s his first blog: Saturday, 13 August 2011, 19:58hrs Well me hearties, the sun was shining, the gear stowed, the crew on board and we were ready to plunder/sail the … Continue reading