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More bad weather forces most of the crew on the RV Southern Surveyor indoors, again

Day 6 and the continuing bad weather is conspiring to curb the scientific activity on board the RV Southern Surveyor, but Blaise ‘who thanks the English for hot Ribenna’ Bratter from UNSW uses the imposed free time to watch movies and write this blog. Thursday 18 August 2011, 20:03hrs The seas are still high and … Continue reading

The secret to success at sea…good food

Dr Jason Reynolds, a lecturer in the UWS School of Natural Sciences, blogs from the Southern Surveyor on Day 4 of the voyage from Hobart to Fremantle. Tuesday 17 August 2011, 21:31hrs Today is a transit day. We are travelling (or ‘steaming’ to use the correct nautical term) from Station 1 (Warrnambool) to Station 2 … Continue reading

Day three at sea: Critters, mud and sampling

Day 3 on the RV Southern Surveyor.  This blog by Luana ‘I love macrofaunal isopods in the mud’ Lins from The University of Sydney. She says her real full name is almost as long as the nickname her crew mates have given her.  Monday 15 August 2011, 20:35hrs The third day onboard Southern Surveyor begun … Continue reading

Southern Surveyor finds plastic debris for first time off SW Tasmania

Day 2 on the Southern Surveyor and time for UWA’s Julia Reisser, also known as ‘The Trash Girl’, to log in from the high seas. Sunday, 14 August 2011, 12:55hrs Ok! So let’s bring some news of our second day on the RV Southern Surveyor. The sun was shining (again), the food was amazing (as … Continue reading

The Adventure Begins

The University of Western Sydney has thousands of students and academic staff who frequently go out into the world on field trips to learn and discover.  This blog will take you there as students experience the joys and challenges of taking their education out of the lab and lecture theatre.  Sometimes the expeditions are to … Continue reading